Plastic In The World Of Beauty

You can read more of our view on this in our Sustainability section, but this is a seriously complicated subject with one simple answer, we need to do better than we are. As an industry we have an appealing reputation and I dread to think the thousands of tonnes of beauty related plastic that is in our oceans or landfill.

The reality is there are other answers out there and consumers need to demand more from brands. There are corn starch and ocean waste plastic materials available for instance, but they are more expensive and in the area of answering to the Board, the bottom line matters. But we can't just blame the companies because there is plenty of consumer analysis showing that even with a "better" option consumers will not pay more for it, so we end up in a spiral of plastic usage that benefits nobody in the long run.

So at ONE SUMMER we have realised we can only change us and what is in our control, and we will make choices and lead the way if we need to. There are some great Aussie companies out there that are trail blazing like - they are changing the way personal care products are provided and its brilliant (Well done Mike and the team) - we need more of this. 

So even though its going to affect our profit we are going to see if we can make a difference. We have implemented a unique cartridge refill system across almost every product in the range. On top of that we are encouraging you to return your empty cartridge back to us and we will clean and reuse it. It can be recycled but we think its better if we just reuse it. All you have to do is put it in the pre-paid envelope that comes with your refill and we will do the rest.

Let's see if making it easy and convenient can change the future for generations to come. Do you think it can work?



D & T