What Do We Care About?

How do you select your friends?
How do you decide to spend time with one person or another?

At the end of the day we think it comes down to wanting to be with people you are like or want to be like. Business is the same for us. We think you should know what type of business we are and what drives us. So if you have read any of the pages on the site you will know this is a family business, two sisters at the front and a brother and parents doing a lot of the background work that makes it all tick. You will also know that, whilst we love product, it's not our everything. We love people and we want this business to be a blessing to people. We believe that there is enough money in the world to look after everyone, we just have share it around a bit more. Thats why we take $1 for every product you buy from us and give it to causes and people in greater need, bit by bit we can fix the broken bits of the world.

For our products, we really care. We know they are a reflection of us, so they work hard for you, they make you feel good and hopefully bring a smile to your face. They should leave you better. Which is essentially the kind of people we want to be.

When it comes to testing on animals, I can't believe it's even a question. At this point I could put up a photo of my lab cross "Lola", but you will just have to go to instagram to see if she makes an appearance! How can anyone think it's okay to test on animals? That is not the company we keep.

Packaging - what a waste! Quite literally. Well if you have made it this far through getting to know us then you know this is a big. We are trying to change the way consumers think about premium packaging and leave a better footprint for this beautiful planet of ours. So stop chucking out perfectly good packaging and telling yourself it's ok as it will be recycled, when deep down you think it's probably going to landfill and do something about it. Use our refill system and send them back to us so we can clean them.

That's probably enough for now. If you don't like us at this point you never will, and if you think you might want to hang out some more, we would love that.
Thanks for reading