Fragrance - it smells so good.

The sense of smell is an incredible thing, with the power to bring back memories or even change our mood. We love fragrance in all its forms from beautiful perfume, to flowers in a garden, freshly cut grass or bread baking in an oven.

Everyone of our products has a unique and distinctive fragrance that has been crafted to enrich the product experience. This gives the product the ability to go beyond its topical benefits and be good for your emotional state as well. 

On every skincare product you will see an ingredients list (its the law), its also know as an INCI list. Its normally on the packaging or carton and you can see the ingredients list on each product on our site. You will see fragrance listed as parfum, but it simply means perfume. The parfum can be made of a mixture of essential oils, botanicals or can be synthetic. We believe in natural but we are also mindful of using the earths resources well. If a flower is endangered we will not use it, but instead use a synthetic version which is identical to the natural. This allows us to keep our commitment to sustainability.

The majority of our products have 100% natural fragrance or no fragrance at all. On those occasions all we need are the natural fragrances found in the ingredients themselves to create a beautiful smelling product, and bring the fragrance of SUMMER alive to you.