Our Story


So who are we? and why did this amazing journey begin?

Every chapter of life has a beginning, an experience that led us to a decision or a place. The start of ONE SUMMER is no different and whilst we are driven by beautiful products as our passion, it is equally matched by our heart for people and enabling them to live their best lives.

We love, love, love product but sometimes struggled to find product that was right for us. Our difference is that we are maybe not your average customer, you see we started this adventure of ONE SUMMER at the ages of 14 and 12. 

We think it’s better to show the real story. Don't get me wrong I love Instagram, Tik Tok and other Social media, but we also see that it can give a version of life that is somehow not the full story. People will sometimes feel the same about our instagram, but when we started working on ONE SUMMER with some industry experts we made a point of the fact that we wanted to bring joy to people, we wanted to bring a feeling of summer in all we do, hence the name. We hope it feels like that to you too.

We are two sisters living on the Mornington Peninsula. I am Daisy, the older sister (I would say wiser but Matilda will read this and it’s probably not exactly true!). Like so many families we have been touched by mental health issues and we want to do something about it. With our brother we have been brought up in a family of between 5-8 depending on how many Grandparents or International students are with us, mum is a primary school teacher and dad has worked in the beauty industry for more years than I can count. We have long had an understanding of the challenges some people face as my dad was General Manager of Thankyou, a social enterprise here in Melbourne, giving us first hand experience of those in greater need than ourselves and an understanding that if things are going to change, we probably have to change them.

Put simply we want to make a success out of our passion for beauty products to bring the best out of people's natural beauty and so that we can fund mental health support programmes. We have set up ONE SUMMER to give $1 for every product we sell to groups supporting those with mental health issues. Our focus in this season is to help those moving from child services into adulthood as there is a huge need here. We are so very grateful for each of you that supports this indirectly by buying and using our products.

So there you have it, a brand that is more than just beauty, started by sisters who want to make a difference without compromise. Thanks for reading and we hope you like what you see. 

We hope you love it like we do,

Peace and Love

Daisy xx