Refill Cartridge Return

Collection Process
Firstly thanks for being a world changer. In order to collect your cartridge so that we can reuse them you will need to fill out the details below. On completion you will need to select a date you want the cartridge/s to be collected. Once you have the date and lodged the email:
1.  We will email you the collection label
2.  Put the clean and dry cartridges in an envelope or small parcel
3.  Apply the label we have emailed ensuring it is securely on the parcel
4.  Place the parcel outside your property at the agreed place for collection by our courier service, on the date agreed
5.  Pat yourself on the back for helping reduce plastic!
All we need now is some information to get you started.
Please email us at with the following info.

Subject - Please collect my Refills.
In the body of the email please then add
Collection Address:
Collection Postcode:
Contact Tel:
How Many Refills are being collected:
What date would you like them collected:

Please try and allow two days for us to process the collection request, at this time we are only able to collect from Australian addresses as we expand to international collections. For international orders please recycle product responsibly.