Our Ingredients

This is probably the most important page on the site, what we put in to what you are about to put on could not be more important! So lets start with the No's:

No SLS / No SLES / No EDTA / No MEA / No Parabens

OK now we have that over with lets talk about what we do put in and why. We put a lot of our development focus into the way product feels on application to the skin. It should enhance the experience and affect your emotions whether to calm, refresh, clean or to invigorate and any other emotion that is relevant.

Our products glide on to the skin, they feel like a treat, which is exactly how they should feel. When formulating we choose ingredients that have purpose and balance. We don't add ingredients that don't need to be there because that is simply bad for the planet, using natural resources when we should be cherishing them.

Most of our ingredients are natural, and we only use natural preservatives. We make almost all our products in Australia from Australian natural resources, only using alternatives when we can't find them here. This is an incredible land with a provision of natural ingredients unrivalled around the world, proudly Australian.