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You know how good this is, so you are back for a refill! Simply keep your pump and outer bottle and replace the cartridge.Your old cartridge can be recycled once you have washed it out, or you can send it back to us by contacting us here.

Want a winter tan? This vegan tanning water is just the thing. Perfect for the face and body, this self-tan infused water mists onto the skin with no guide colour delivering a mess-free tan. In four hours skin will look bronzed and radiant. This tanning water is for medium bronzing. Enriched with coconut and avocado oils infused with Vitamin E, the skin is hydrated and bronzed. 

Store in a cool dry place Caution For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.


Exfoliate 12-24 hours before use and moisturise dry areas such as the hands, feet, knees, ankles and elbows before application. Spray product onto skin until totally saturated, avoiding the face and leaving the hands and feet until last. Then, using sweeping motions, blend with a tanning mitt. Thoroughly wash palms after use. Tan will develop over 4 hours, so avoid getting it wet over this time. 

For the face, moisturise before use and spray mist onto face and neck. Clean hair lines and eyebrows with a damp cloth. Leave on for 4-6 hours without getting wet for best results.

Aqua(water), Propylene Glycol, Dihydroxyacetone, Glycerin, Peg-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Agastache Mexicana Flower/leaf/stem Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Citrus Grandis (grapefruit) Peel Oil, Cocos Nucifera (coconut) Oil, Hydrogenated Sweet Almond Oil, Mentha Aquatica Water, Persea Gratissima (avocado) Oil, Tocopherol (vitamin E), Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol, Ascorbic Acid, Ethylhexylglycerin, Fragrance.

ONE SUMMER was started with the environment in mind. We know you want gorgeous looking product so we have found a way to put less plastic into the environment without compromise to what you want. Its simple really - we make refills for 99% of our products and we are working on the other 1%. We want to see a world without landfill and remove plastic waste from our beaches around the world, so we have created a circular economy refill system to work towards zero waste. Simply swap the refill cartridge and contact us to return it so that we can clean it, refill it and reuse it, simple. So don't throw the outer packaging in the bin for recycling, simply remove the cartridge, swap it for a new one and then send the old one back to us (we pay for the postage), if you can't get to post it then as a last resort recycle just the PP cartridge. Every small change is helping.



We have to make the beauty industry more sustainable, it simply uses and dumps too much plastic waste. We have created a unique refill process to minimise this waste and are working with our team to reduce even our recycled waste. Watch this space! But it's not just plastic, we need to be sustainable in our ingredients as well and this is where we can sometimes clash with our own ideals, but we are here to have those conversations. We want to always use natural ingredients, but in our top trumps Sustainability is our choice. In practice we hope never to make this choice but imagine a situation where we have a scarce ingredient and we want to use it as its incredible, do we take the last plant on earth to make a moisturiser or do we find a synthetic alternative? And that's what we mean by making that choice, we would choose sustainability. We hope we never get there, but what is for sure is we need to change behaviour on a global scale.



All our current range are Vegan. We have shown that there is no compromise to formulation or experience and that we can make extrordinary product that is plant based. We are proud of what we have made and we are sure you will be too.



To be honest it seems ridiculous to us that we even have to say this. After-all who tests on animals in this day and age? There can be no excuse, no middle ground, it is simply unacceptable. We will never test on animals and we will not work with suppliers who do.



We love this country, we love what it stands for and its can do attitude. We love that it will try and try again. We want to make all our products here and will do our best to do so. Sadly not everything can be made here at the moment, but we intend to keep doing our best to bring supply, production and jobs to Australia where we can. For products that don’t currently get made in Oz we will continue to ask suppliers to reconsider.



We love nature and believe that for most circumstances it is the best thing we can use. However we also believe in sustainability, so to use all of natures resources leaves us a little uncomfortable to be honest, especially when some plants might be endangered or on the verge of over use. Thats why when you see our product you will see this logo above. We believe cutting edge science should be used when its appropriate. All our products are almost entirely natural, but when we need to add a bit of science you will not see the 100% natural. If you have more questions about this we would love to answer. 



If you didn’t know, Parabens are actually certified safe by many Global Bodies, but we still think they are unnecessary. Some brands still have them in their products because they are effective chemical preservatives. We would rather use natural ingredients to achieve the level of preservative we are happy with, you can read more about it in our About Section, Parabens - thanks but no thanks.